5 reasons to use a cleaner with plant-based ingredients:

1. Safety: Have you read the label on the back of a commercial cleaner? Warning! Flammable! Do not ingest! Keep out of reach of children!
Many chemicals used in household cleaners have not been tested for safety. 
Household cleaning supplies are one of the top five substance classes accounting for calls to the National Poison Control Center. 
Many commercial cleaners contain ingredients that are endocrine disrupting chemicals, carcinogens, or neurotoxins. 
Kids, babies, and pets are even more vulnerable to chemical exposure because they are smaller and cannot get rid of toxins as easily as adults. 
It is definitely worth ditching harsh chemicals for a cleaner with plant- and mineral-based ingredients.

2. Air quality:
Did you know that indoor air is 5–7 times more polluted than outdoor air? 
Most cleaning products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been associated with many health problems, including damage to the liver, kidneys, and the central nervous system. 
They have also been shown to harm our lungs and cause throat irritations and headaches. 
VOCs are released when products are used and can linger in the air long after we clean. 
When we breathe, we inhale the air—as well as whatever is IN the air.

3. Environmental impact: Harsh chemicals found in cleaners are not only harmful to our bodies, but they also have a major impact on the environment and are huge contributors to environmental pollution. 
Some conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic, non-biodegradable, and from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they harm the Earth's ecosystems. 
Harsh chemicals may contaminate the water through rivers, streams, and lakes, which affects wildlife, plants, trees, and us! 
Plus, there are thousands of chemicals that are in cleaning products that have never been tested for safety.

4. Convenience: It's much easier to clean with a few products that take care of all your cleaning needs, rather than a having whole arsenal of toxic products under your sink and in your bathrooms. 
With Thieves® Household Cleaner, you can tackle multiple cleaning jobs in your home without switching products as you clean! 
It cleans countertops, windows, mirrors, floors, toilets, showers, and pretty much everything else. 
Plus, you don't have to worry about getting bleach stains on your clothes or accidentally mixing dangerous chemicals together. 
It’s worth a try for the convenience alone.

5. Cost: The cost of buying cleaners is expensive, especially if you have to buy multiple different cleaners. Thieves Household Cleaner is very cost effective, and it comes in a concentrated form. 
There are approximately 60 capfuls of the cleaner in a 14.4-ounce bottle.
Using the medium degreasing ratio, you can get about 29  16-ounce cleaners. 
That’s less than $1 a bottle!

Why worry about all the what if’s? Be empowered and take charge of your chores by using a cleaner with plant-based ingredients.   
With Thieves Household Cleaner you can cover the whole house in 21 days.

We are just getting started, really.   These are only five of the many reasons to use a plant-based product.    
Thought we would prime the pump and get you thinking.   
You'll wonder why you waited for so long....

Oh my head

Oh my head
Head Tension?
Head tension is an often complaint when it comes to needing solutions from your essential oil arsenal. 
When your head is hurting, you need something that is going to give you relief quickly.   Just like all of us are different, each of us have found a different 'go to' when things aren't feeling right.   
A few options to begin with from your Premium Starter Kit: 
-Peppermint. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you dilute your Peppermint with a carrier oil. If not, you can apply neat (right out of the bottle). Apply to your temples, behind your ears, and if needed to the base of your neck. You can also diffuse Peppermint in your home. A little is all you need as Peppermint is a very potent essential oil. 

-Panaway. If Peppermint doesn’t seem to be matching up with your body’s chemistry and what you need, try Panaway. This blend has some incredible oils that can help relieve head tension. Apply topically the same way as Peppermint.   Some find it very effective with a drop under the tongue.   
-Frankincense Vitality. Apply a drop underneath your tongue. Do this daily for overall vitality, but it can also reduce the occurrence of head tension. 
Other products that you may find helpful for head tension: 
-Deep Relief Roll-On. This is another amazing blend of oils that you can apply in the same areas as Peppermint or Panaway. 
-Valor. Sometimes our head tension is actually created from our body being out of alignment. Use Valor down your spine daily to help support the alignment of your body. 
Our bodies are all compromised differently. It may take a few tries of different oils until you find the one that works for you! 

Let the sunshine in!

Let the sunshine in!
Sunburn is created by overexposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Your skin can redden, become inflamed, and in some cases, blister and peel. 
Most of us have experienced sunburn and usually shrug it off believing the damage is short term. 
However, did you know that those who have experienced a sunburn more than 5 times in their lifetime doubles their chance when it comes to melanoma? (Source: SkinCancer.org) 

Any time your skin changes color from the sun, including a tan, it is indicating that there is some kind of damage to the skin, and not just skin but the DNA of your skin cells. Severe sunburns are not the only way to cause harm to your largest organ. Any damage can lead to skin cancer, which has become the most common type of cancer in the United States. 

Another side affect of exposure to UV rays is quicker aging. 90% of aging that appears on the face, such as wrinkles, can be attributed to UV damage. 
Knowing this information, it is incredibly important that we protect our skin. 

When our kids were young and we lived by water, I would lather sunscreen on my kids every single day.   The 'generic' kind....  Now that I know the truth, I can share it with you.   #knowmoredobetter

There are tons of sunscreens on the market, but another issue that is arising with sunscreens is the ingredients that are within them. Toxic ingredients are a real issue in most of our products that we apply to our bodies. These particular ingredients (Oxybenzone, Oxtinoxate, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Homosalate) all can be endocrine disruptors: chemicals that interfere with our hormone systems which can cause reproductive, developmental, neurological, and immune issues. 
You want to be sure that the ingredients within your sunscreen are not doing damage since you are trying to prevent damage by using sunscreen! 

Young Living sunscreen is free from all these harmful ingredients, rubs in smoothly, and effectively prevents damage from UV and UVB rays. It is dermatologist-reviewed, doesn’t leave the white reside most mineral sunscreens do, and is water and sweat proof for up to 80 minutes.  #winwin

Some other tips for preventing sunburn: 
-Wear a floppy hat and big sunglasses. Wearing these protects your face from exposure to the sun and will keep you from pushing fast forward on your aging process. 
-Choose protective fabrics. Rash guards for kids and adults alike are great for providing extra protection from UV rays. Look for a good UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF 50+ is great. 
-Seek out shade when you can and try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. And 2 p.m. This is the time the sun’s rays are typically most intense. 
Be smart when it comes to sun safety. 
The more you know, the better choices you can make for yourself and for your family.

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Why Diffuse?

Why Diffuse?
Why should you be diffusing in your home? 
Diffusing is not just a smell good activity.  It is first in line for our motto "real tools with side benefits"  
It’s something we can do in our homes to replace toxic fragrance products with scents with healthy giving benefits. There are incredible aromatic benefits you can receive simply from diffusing pure essential oils. Aromatic usage allows you to inhale essential oils. 
Young Living diffusers are ultrasonic. The fancy little silver plate in the bottom of your diffuser vibrates the water and oils within the diffuser distributing the oils in the air for you to breathe in. The frequency of the oil is maintained for maximum benefit for you, while there is no heat, which can destroy the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. 
So, what exactly are the benefits? 
-Aids in your overall wellness by helping keep you above the wellness line. Different oils help boost your body systems keeping you healthy. 
-Getting rid of odors without spraying chemicals in the air that can cause health and respiratory issues. Many of the sprays that are odor eliminating contain harsh toxins that can linger in the air for up to two weeks. If you struggle with any respiratory issues, this will continue to build up within your system causing issues. Switch out to diffusing some Purification or Citrus Fresh! 
-Lifting your emotions through the benefit of entering the portion of your brain that is only accessed through smell. The limbic region is where memories and emotions are stored. Emotional health is just as important to us as physical, mental, and spiritual health. 
Utilizing our essential oils to keep our moods lifted, helps to steer us from negative thought patterns, allowing us to live life with a more vibrant outlook. Try Joy, Orange, Bergamot, Valor, White Angelica, or Harmony. 
-Sound sleepDiffusing while sleeping is a great way to support your entire body system and to help relax and calm your body for a better sleep experience. Try Lavender, Peace & Calming, Sacred Mountain, or Cedarwood. 
-Energy & Motivation. On the flip side of relaxing and sleep, sometimes you need a boost to “get things done”. Some oils are great at uplifting the spirit to tackle the things you need to do for the day. Try diffusing Gathering, Peppermint and Lemon, Clarity, or Motivation. 
-Creating an atmosphere.  This is one side benefit I love!   Just a few drops, and the whole room changes.   It will affect everyone in the room.   Get the diffuser in place with intention before people are coming and going from your home.  We frequently have comments made when people enter our home.  People can feel the difference.   

Whether it is for meditation, peace, or simply a smell good, feel good intention---there are hundreds of options. 
A few favorites for gatherings are: Stress Away with Peppermint (aka chocolate mint), Gathering, Abundance, Believe, or Sacred Mountain.  

Diffusing is an easy way to be using your essential oils in your home. Keep that amazing machine going 24/7 when you are home and in your bedrooms during the night to continue reaping consistent benefits.    Start them up about 30 minutes before bed, and you are set up for results.   

Sometimes I think back... how did we do life before Young Living? 

Two Tools

Two Tools
Were you raised in a culture of fear?   

I was...    
Using these two oils together in my prayer time gave me tools that work. I hope you find the same value as I did, should you find yourself feeling the weight of stress, anxiety and worry.
Apply a few drops, one oil at a time in the palm of your hand, inhale to a count of four and with a big exhale, as you release the stress with every exhale.  

 Tangerine contains properties that are sedating and calming to the nervous system.
Orange brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart, which feelings provide emotional support to help one overcome depression.
 Ylang Ylang may help balance the male-female energies so you are able to move closer towards being able to focus thoughts, filtering out the ever-present garbage. It brings back feelings of self-love, confidence, joy, and peace.
Patchouli is sedating, calming, and relaxing, allowing it to reduce anxiety.
Blue Tansy may help cleanse the liver and calm the lymphatic system.
3 C's :   courage, calming, and confidence

Spruce grounds the body, creating the balance and the opening necessary to receive and to give. It also helps one release emotional blocks.
Rosewood is soothing to the skin, appeasing to the mind, relaxing to the body, and creates a feeling of peace and gentleness.
Blue Tansy brings cleansing to the lymphatic system and liver.   Assists in gently releasing anger and bottled up emotions
 Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes, which may help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. As one of the ingredients for the holy incense, Frankincense was used in connecting with God.  It can help to lift your spirits and bring a shift in focus and outlook.  

Carve out a few minutes to just 'sit under' valor.   Put it on your shoulders, breathe, journal and feel the weight lift.   
As I say all the time, you can’t make this up...   
These powerful tools can turn the corner in your day when used with intention.  

What a difference it would make if before we saw the world each day, we applied peace and calming and valor!
How would it change your view?  

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Isn't a supplement a supplement?

Isn't a supplement a supplement?
Did you know?  
Around 90% of the supplements you can buy are not fully bioavailable because they are synthetic.   
While science will tell you that your body will readily absorb a synthetic version just as well as a natural form, they fail to tell you that your body won’t readily recognize a synthetic version.  
When you consume a synthetic, your body does not know what to do with it.   
You simply pee or poop it out and your $$$ goes right down the toilet. 
Young Living is different for a couple of reasons.   
First, they use whole food sources in fruits, veggies, herbs, and roots in each supplement.  
Second, they infuse many of their supplements with essential oils.  
Essential oils are extremely volatile and very small in their molecular structure, making them an excellent vehicle to increase the bioavailability of the supplements.
The essential oils themselves are different than any you can purchase on the market because they are the true unaltered botanicals, allowing for a true ‘entourage effect’ which means the whole of the oil is used, there is much greater synergy that occurs within our bodies.   
The combination of whole-plant nutrition infused with unaltered essential oils give you dietary supplementation through Young Living which is second to none.   
Bioavailability simply means a proportion of a nutrient that is digested/absorbed and metabolized in the body.
There is a HUGE difference between Young Living supplements and regular store-bought supplements. Young Living supplements have an 80% + absorption rate compared to conventional supplements, which only have a 30% absorption rate---That is a 50% increase you guys!! 
Short story, less $ and more effective.  YES!  I'm in! 

The difference in these supplements is in their bioavailability and their essential oil content. Dr. Gary Young was the first to formulate nutritional supplements with essential oils.
Essential oils infused into a supplement make the nutrients and vitamins more bioavailable in the body. This means the body can absorb them and use them as nutrients.

Are you wondering how it works? Essential oils help increase the absorption of other nutrients on a cellular level and they help remove waste from the cells, which helps detoxify them, in turn causing the cells to function at a higher level!  
The oils draw in the nutrients to the cells.    It’s just amazing….

 So... the bottom line is that you should 100% be taking Young Living’s supplements over your store bought ones!  
You can trust that your body will recognize and use every single bit of the goodness.  
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Say YES to Longevity

Say YES to Longevity

Longevity Essential Oil is a blend that contains the 4 of the highest antioxidant essential oils. 

It’s one of the main reasons that many love Ningxia Red so much!! 

There are many schools of thought on antioxidants, but the theory of free radicals is one of the strongest. The theory is based on the fact that continued oxidative stress to cells, receptors and DNA in the body cause aging; beyond the normal aging process. 

All of us are subject to day-to-day oxidative damage. The good news is one of the best ways we can decrease the amount of oxidative stress is by increasing our uptake of antioxidants.

Why are Antioxidants so Important?
Antioxidants are incredible because when taken as a dietary supplement (hello Longevity Vitality) it may protect the skin by attaching themselves to free radicals, which in turn may minimize the potential harmful effects and is important for youthful-looking skin.

There are 4 Essential oils that make up Longevity:
Thyme:  this essential oil can dramatically boost glutathione levels in the heart, liver and brain. It can also help keep fats found in many vital organs - healthy! The oxidation of fats in the body is directly linked to accelerated aging.
Orange:  Contains over 90% d-limonene and you are going to want to https://scholar.google.com/ why you want more d-limonene in your life!
Clove:  has the highest known antioxidant power as measured by ORAC-( Oxygen Radical Absobrance Capacity) this is another one that you want to https://scholar.google.com/ when it comes to antioxidation!
Frankincense:  this is an oil that can do so much for your mind, mood and your limbic system. 
https://scholar.google.com/ is going to be your friend on this one as well!

How to use Longevity Vitality:

Put 1–2 drops of Longevity Vitality in a capsule daily to support a healthy immune system.
Remember… same oil in the bottle/different label.  Longevity can be placed on your feet as well, a great bedtime habit!  

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Is your body feeling it?

Is your body feeling it?
Is your body feeling the weight of the stress around you?
Maybe an ulcer, a stress rash, a few hormonal breakouts, some digestive issues, a headache, a backache, some bags under the eyes, teething grinding, should I keep going?   

Just Kidding. Kind of...

One of the things I love about Young Living is there are so many resources to help managing the stress and give it a route out.
Products won’t do all the work for you, but if you intentionally slow down and support your system with them you will feel a shift in your mental and emotional state.

Stress Away is often picked first.   This blend is perfect for helping with alleviating everyday stress. A great option is the Stress Away Roll-On. Always keep it on you and use it often. Make sure you breathe it in deeply while applying.

Tranquil Roll-On is fantastic to grab if Stress Away just isn’t quite cutting it for your anxiousness. This roller is a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile. It is often used for sleep to calm the mind, but it can be incredibly helpful for those that need help settling their mind that is constantly turned on.

Motivation is a blend that is good for the times you have a list you must complete, but you are struggling with the feeling of action to complete it. This is a great one to toss in the diffuser or to put behind your ears. Breathe in deeply and do the things you have to do to feel accomplished.

Relaxation Massage Oil is a great wind down product for the end of a crazy day. This massage oil can help relieve, relax, and soothe. If you don’t have someone to give you a massage, you can do a self-massage. Take some of your Massage Oil and rub your hands and feet. Find the pressure points that feel the most tender and rub them out. The pressure points on these extremities act as a full-body massage.

Stress Away or Lavender Bath Bombs are both great options. If you need some serious recharge time, draw a hot bath, and put one of these in. The bath bomb is not only aromatically soothing, but the ingredients are ones to help make your body feel soft and silky when you are done. 

Above all, you can't pour out of an empty cup. 

Like this info?  You'll LOVE my guide "five ways to retrieve your peace"  Check it out right here
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