What are you using to cut your grass?
Repeat after me, 
not all essential oils are created equal.
Let's discuss why Young Living.  

We love that essential oils are all the rage and are no longer considered weird hippie voodoo.  Countless brands of essential oils can now be found everywhere, from grocery stores to gas stations,  promising all kinds of things. 
The problem is, you don't actually know what's inside those bottles.  
They might be deluded, impure, or not even what they're claiming to be at all.

Price is what you pay but value is what you get.
Young Living essential oils may cost you more than those cheapie oils on the shelf at the store, so let's breakdown why this is and how they are an amazing value once you understand the difference.  
You aren't cheap.  
You deserve the best.
Put down that $3 bottle of lavender oil.
Today, many essential oil manufacturers make synthetic oils in a lab that can smell EXACTLY like the plant they claim to be from.  Your nose may not know the difference,  but your body does.  
Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is highly under-regulated, and there are many tricks of the trade used to mass produce inexpensive oils.  
Essential oils can be cut with synthetics, floral waters can be labeled as “essential oils,” oils can be extracted from plants using toxic solvents that leave chemical by-products in your oil,  and the list goes on.  These products will not help you have a healthier body, mind, or home:  instead they can be quite dangerous to your health.  
Purity is important, because if you purchase a product that isn’t, you won’t get the results you could get. 
Aside from the toxins and other chemicals you’ll likely encounter by using an inferior product,

impure oils just don’t work.
That might lead you to think that essential oils don’t work. In reality, they do. 
You just happened to use something that didn’t have the ability to work.
It’s like trying to cut your front yard with a pair of scissors.   Crazy right?  
Most people have no idea that those scissors (the second-rate oils) are the wrong tool.   They do understand that lawn mowers are better than scissors for cutting grass, 
but they don’t understand that a higher quality oil is a better tool for anything related to your health and wellbeing.
Would you rather 
Eat a burger from McDonalds or an Angus burger I cook for you on my grill?
Would you rather drive a brand new Kia or a brand new Mercedes? 
Folgers or Starbucks?
Coach or First Class?
See.   We understand quality differentiation in every area of life. Essential oils are no different.
Ready for more?   
We start with what we call an ‘oil map’.    
It helps you see the benefits available for you right where you are.   


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