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Aroma Freedom Technique

Maybe you have a goal that is a mountain and you just can’t see it

Maybe you want to hear from God, but it feels like your prayers are hitting the ceiling.

Maybe you keep procrastinating over things.

Maybe you want to get over some emotions, but just don’t know what oil to use to help.

Maybe you feel like you need a confidence injection.

Maybe you want to feel peace and it seems impossible.

Maybe you feel like you keep going around the same mountain over and over.

AFT is a quick and easy way of getting rid 
of limiting beliefs and mindsets, 
using the power of Young Living Essential Oils. 
It will gently dissolve the negative thoughts, 
feelings, and memories that have you stuck. 

AFT will clear out the overwhelm. 
AFT will help you grasp clarity on 
personal or business goals.

Oils needed for each session:
Stress Away, 
Inner Child, 
Trauma Life, 

is performed with 
Young Living Essential Oils only.
Oils are simple, but people are complicated. 

We have things that get stuck in our 
emotional hard drive that need to be cleared out. 
Do you feel sort of like a clogged stream?
You clear out your computer to get it to work better, 
how much better to clear out YOU!

Sessions are performed online 
over zoom video conferencing by appointment.

AFT Testimonies... This could be you

Terry is a wonderful AFT practitioner. She's a gentle guide and made me feel comfortable in my sessions. I love when I get to have sessions with her because AFT is helping me through a difficult season; I discovered AFT at just the right time. Thank you, Terry, for all your help and encouragement as I heal and get stronger! 😊 KP

Terry was gracious enough to work with my amazing 6-year-old, who has a pretty solid fear of being alone or left out. She guided him through an easy conversation that found out how he really felt, offered up a great affirmation, and narrowed down his special oil. We now have orange in a roller bottle and his affirmation memorized! He tells me that he uses it when he is scared, and he even had one of his friends follow his lead. Truly a great tool in the toolbox of our little people 😊 KD

What an amazing experience I had when Terry gave me my first AFT Session! In a matter of a few minutes I broke through fear of growing my business that I didn't even realize was there. I am now experiencing consistent growth in my Young Living team that I never dreamed possible! Terry is encouraging, strong, full of wisdom and always works in the right timing of her clients. I am so thankful for her leadership, enormous skill and tender heart. 😊 DC

I was stuck in my business and just kept going around the same mountains. After my session with Terry, it was like the river opened up and the flow has been steady ever since! I have enrolled someone every week since my session with her! 😊 KD

Terry worked with our son who is 6 and had a great fear of getting on the school bus.   In a matter of minutes she connected with him.   He let go of the fear and handed it to Jesus.   The next day he proudly stood in line and boarded the bus with no fear!   Came home the same way.   We are so grateful for Terry’s gentle manner and the complete shift that happened in our son.  πŸ˜Š   TL

Terry worked with the all my employees at once in a session. It brought an increased measure of unity between them and we met all the goals I had set for the next month. We will definitely be scheduling a regular session with her! 😊 LP

Terry brought my leaders to the same page in one AFT session. Even though we are in 9 states, we all met over zoom with Terry. She was unhurried and gathered us together in her unique style. We still talk about that session as being the pivotal change in how we grew our downline. 😊 HR

I came into the session confused and heavy, and left with clarity and felt like 100# left! 😊 RT

I felt the burden lift and the whole world looks different after my session with Terry. 😊 ST

This was my first time with AFT, and I felt tangible calmness and relief. The world looks completely different. 😊 SW

I LOVE the results after my leaders met with Terry.   There is a whole different climate in our team.   They are focused and each one is moving and growing. We have a new light.  They have all asked if we can do this monthly.   YES, we will!  πŸ˜Š JW