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Young Living's distillation is always a ONE time process; let me explain what that means with a basic analogy.

Imagine you go to a coffee shop and you're the first customer of the day.  You order a cup of coffee, and you watch them make your first, fresh, one-time “distilled” coffee.  (coffee isn't exactly actually distilled like essential oils, but bear with me for this example)  
You take a sip, and it's so delicious, potent, and fragrant.
The second customer orders a coffee, and you watch the barista add more water to the machine and brew their coffee.  
They got a “two-time distilled” coffee.  
Customer #3 comes in, and also wants some coffee, so more water is added. 
See where we're going with this?  
You could argue that customer #3 got a cup of 100% pure coffee, Right?

It’s a similar idea with essential oils.  
Sadly, most essential oils companies are selling second, third, fourth, and even fifth “distilled oils”.   
This allows for cheap mass production.  The the more you distill certain plants the sweeter they can smell.  

Unfortunately, most companies place value on fragrance over benefit because they know customers will be attracted to the smell.  

If an oil is improperly distilled, 
you'll get little to no benefit at all.  

Young Living only produces first-distillation oils that are distilled for a precise amount of time at low heat and low steam pressure to retain the therapeutic properties.  

The oils only touch food grade, non-reactive stainless steel or glass during the distillation process, so there are never any plastics or other metals like aluminum that could leach into the oil.

Ready for a distillation example?  

Blue Cypress is a beautiful tree with 280 known chemical constituents.  
If you want the full therapeutic benefit of Blue Cypress Oil, it must have all 280 constituents present.  

In order to achieve this, the tree must be grown and harvested correctly, and then must be distilled for exactly 24 hours at a very precise temperature 
and pressure within the sap, the hardwood, and the bark altogether.  
Otherwise, the oil will be clear and not the beaming blue color.  

The reason it's distilled for 24 hours is that during the last 20 minutes of distillation, 18 of the vital active nutrients get released from the branches.  
If Cypress is distilled for any other amount of time, its therapeutic properties will be missing from the oil.  
Distill it for 20 hours, you only get 20 properties.  Distill it for 26 hours, an you get NONE of these properties!  
Get this:  most Cypress oil on the market was distilled for just 3.5 hours. 
If you are looking for results, it is a big deal.  
The Young Living difference.
Ready for more?   
We start with what we call an ‘oil map’.    
It helps you see the benefits available for you right where you are.   


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