A timely gift
Mother’s Day is a painful time for many.   
It brings up unmet expectations, painful memories, loss.   
Not a beaming Mother holding a bouquet of flowers with spotless children standing around with a grin.

Sound familiar?   I spent nine long years waiting to be a Mom.  
On one particular Mothers Day, the minister I worked for chose me to stand in front of the church and hand the flowers to each Mother as they filed by me beaming.   

There I was, childless.   

I held back the tears as long as I could as I carefully gave out several hundred bundles of flowers.  

Look around.   
There are people all around you who are fighting internal battles.    
If I had known back then what I know now, life would be so different!   

I smile when I see how far I have come from the tearful Sunday morning.   
There have been a lot of storms and seasons since then.   
Now, I have tools that work.   
Now, I daily share those tools with hurting people all around us.  I am so grateful!!

I have watched these powerful oils bring a balm of healing to hurts, memories, and wounds.   
They work.  
These amazing oils work on the part of our brain that stores and files all your emotional experiences.   

Did you know that part of your brain responds only to smell?    
When you smell the cologne/perfume of someone in your past it will immediately bring you to that memory.   

Sometimes those memories are connected to pain.   

Sometimes they are connected to a warm memory that is revisited when you smell fresh baked bread or chocolate chip cookies because you enjoyed the food with an enjoyable time. 

Before you were born, God inserted healing in plants, shrubs, trees, herbs, resins for you.  Knowing full well that you would be needing them.   

This season is unlike any other you have walked through.   
These tools are here for you.  

Now is the perfect time to reach out to those around you.   
Does your Mother, or a woman who believed in you, have a Young Living Premium Starter Kit?   
Why not gift her the healing power of the flowers that will not wilt in a few days.
(we will even teach her how to use them for you!)   

Think of the women around you that are overwhelmed.    
This could be the most timely gift you have ever given.   

What if there was a easy button to start simplifying your life?


  1. sounds like something we all need in our life. I want to know more.
  2. Very fitting for all the mothers!

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