How's your aim?

How's your aim?
When you crack open a bottle of Young Living essential oils you will discover a lot of WOW.   
One of the WOWs is the orifice reducer.
The what?   Stay with me. 

This is the silicone top that is there to help you adjust how much oil comes out of the bottle.  
It is a big deal.    
Young Living makes the best orifice reducers in the industry, hands down.   
It's the little things that underline integrity over and over and over.     
Silicone will not deteriorate and will not leach into your oils
This amazing little piece allows one drop to come out.   
You see, Young Living uses orifice reducers that are unlike any you can find in the world.   
The oil drips from the tiny hole to the SIDE of the main center hole.  
The center hole let’s the air in.     
The small holes are why you can control the drip from a Young Living bottle.   
Other oil companies have the oil come out the center.    
This makes it much harder to control how often the oil gets either stuck and you have to shake the bottle to get any out or the oil pours out too fast.  
Shaking the bottle is easy to do partly due to habit and hurry.  
It is a big deal with our oils because when we shake the bottle it forces oxygen molecules to mix with the oil.   This shortens the shelf life.   
So get in the habit of rolling the bottle between your hands, and turning the bottle so the little hole is down.   
Don’t ‘help’ the oil come out.   
Ready for a tip or two?  
When you crack open your bottle, locate the tiny hole and draw a arrow or dot by it so that you can find it next time.   This will help a ton when you are aiming for a capsule and want the oil to gather inside and not on your hands or the sides.     
When you are using thick oils—such as Vetiver or Myrrh, remember to put the oil bottle in your pocket or bra for a few minutes to warm it up.   
This might not be an issue in the summertime as much as it is in the winter, or if you live in a warm climate.  
But, it Minnesota it is a big deal! 
I have been known to wait over a minute waiting for one precious drop of Vetiver to come out.   
I LOVE Vetiver in the diffuser at night.   
Most nights I fall asleep on God while Dave is praying.   
He says God doesn’t mind….
So, waiting for those drops might take minutes, but, patience is a virtue right?   
We all need more of it.   
And, yes, it is when you are waiting for the gold that happens with each drop.  
And in the end, it is so worth it.   
After all, we can't hurry gold. 
That drop may make the difference between sleep and counting sheep.  
It sure does for me.   
So, I will wait and choose to aim better.  


You only get one pair....

You only get one pair....
We are asking a lot of our feet...
They willingly take us wherever we tell them to go and in the process encounter a lot of stress. 
A reminder to take better care of them for us all!   
I saw a 2014 survey that was taken where 8 out of 10 Americans have experienced a foot problems (
One noted that they found that most people don’t care for their feet as much as other parts of their bodies…. 
We oilers are different.   
We are learning a different way!   
We know that the our feet have over 3000 pores ready and waiting for oils!
So how can we up our game and take better care of our feet? 
If your feet are used daily (which they probably are!), give them a little TLC daily.      
Daily equals consistency....
This could be using the Young Living LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub. 
This scrub not only helps exfoliate (hello summer sandals), but hydrates. 
It helps refresh and revive tired feet. 
I have gotten into the habit of Animal Scents Ointment on my feet nightly.   
How about you??
Soak your feet. A good Epsom Salt + Essential Oil Foot Soak can really help you tired feet while also supporting a detox of your body. That’s right! An Epsom Salt foot soak helps pull the toxins out. Win-win! Add your favorite oils to further your support. Peppermint, Panaway, Lavender, and Stress Away are a few of our favorites!
A great unwinding habit before bed.   
Pull the stress out and sleep better too!
Don’t wear too tight of shoes. 
Comfortable shoes are worth the health of your feet.     A couple of summers ago, I had a big foot issue that meant only 1 pair of sandals worked for 6 months or so.   I then discovered the meaning of comfort first over cute.   
Try on the Legs-Up-On-The-Wall Yoga pose after a long day.  Start with a few minutes and work your way up. 
Take care of your feet. You’ve only got one pair! 😉 


Let the sunshine in!

Let the sunshine in!
Sunburn is created by overexposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Your skin can redden, become inflamed, and in some cases, blister and peel. 
Most of us have experienced sunburn and usually shrug it off believing the damage is short term. 
However, did you know that those who have experienced a sunburn more than 5 times in their lifetime doubles their chance when it comes to melanoma? (Source: 

Any time your skin changes color from the sun, including a tan, it is indicating that there is some kind of damage to the skin, and not just skin but the DNA of your skin cells. Severe sunburns are not the only way to cause harm to your largest organ. Any damage can lead to skin cancer, which has become the most common type of cancer in the United States. 

Another side affect of exposure to UV rays is quicker aging. 90% of aging that appears on the face, such as wrinkles, can be attributed to UV damage. 
Knowing this information, it is incredibly important that we protect our skin. 

When our kids were young and we lived by water, I would lather sunscreen on my kids every single day.   The 'generic' kind....  Now that I know the truth, I can share it with you.   #knowmoredobetter

There are tons of sunscreens on the market, but another issue that is arising with sunscreens is the ingredients that are within them. Toxic ingredients are a real issue in most of our products that we apply to our bodies. These particular ingredients (Oxybenzone, Oxtinoxate, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Homosalate) all can be endocrine disruptors: chemicals that interfere with our hormone systems which can cause reproductive, developmental, neurological, and immune issues. 
You want to be sure that the ingredients within your sunscreen are not doing damage since you are trying to prevent damage by using sunscreen! 

Young Living sunscreen is free from all these harmful ingredients, rubs in smoothly, and effectively prevents damage from UV and UVB rays. It is dermatologist-reviewed, doesn’t leave the white reside most mineral sunscreens do, and is water and sweat proof for up to 80 minutes.  #winwin

Some other tips for preventing sunburn: 
-Wear a floppy hat and big sunglasses. Wearing these protects your face from exposure to the sun and will keep you from pushing fast forward on your aging process. 
-Choose protective fabrics. Rash guards for kids and adults alike are great for providing extra protection from UV rays. Look for a good UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). UPF 50+ is great. 
-Seek out shade when you can and try to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. And 2 p.m. This is the time the sun’s rays are typically most intense. 
Be smart when it comes to sun safety. 
The more you know, the better choices you can make for yourself and for your family.

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