Do your adrenals need a hug?
Somehow we get in a habit of neglecting the adrenal glands when stress and pushing through one more time become a normal way of life.  
As a result, out body responds by creating excessive fatigue or other hormone disruption that tends to be chalked up to life stages and simply what everyone goes through.   
It doesn't have to be that way.  
What we know now is the adrenal glands require extra attention and if there has been illness or long periods of stress.
We can all check off the box on the long periods of stress...right? 

Young Living has set us up so beautifully with essential oils and oil infused supplements in order to support and fuel our adrenal glands.
Essential Oils for support: 

Endoflex is an incredible blend for the adrenals and thyroid support.  If additional support is needed, then add a drop or two of nutmeg over your application of Endoflex. 
Ready for a reset? 
Adrenal Reset Protocol
Just like our computer systems need a reboot or refresh at times, so do certain organs in our own bodies.   
After a chronic illness or prolonged stress, consider this.  
It's simple and after a few weeks of consistent application, the adrenals will feel refreshed and recharged.    
You will be glad you did!  

Morning- Rosemary and Clove, begin with one drop of each oil over the adrenals before a warm shower or with a warm compress. 
This will stimulate a more energized body overall. 
Evening- Lavender, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang, same application methods as morning.  This will stimulate sleep and rest.
Increase the amount of essential oils as desired.

3 of our supplements come to mind, that you may want to research as well.   
Thyromin, Super B, and Powergize
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