Oh my head
Head Tension?
Head tension is an often complaint when it comes to needing solutions from your essential oil arsenal. 
When your head is hurting, you need something that is going to give you relief quickly.   Just like all of us are different, each of us have found a different 'go to' when things aren't feeling right.   
A few options to begin with from your Premium Starter Kit: 
-Peppermint. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you dilute your Peppermint with a carrier oil. If not, you can apply neat (right out of the bottle). Apply to your temples, behind your ears, and if needed to the base of your neck. You can also diffuse Peppermint in your home. A little is all you need as Peppermint is a very potent essential oil. 

-Panaway. If Peppermint doesn’t seem to be matching up with your body’s chemistry and what you need, try Panaway. This blend has some incredible oils that can help relieve head tension. Apply topically the same way as Peppermint.   Some find it very effective with a drop under the tongue.   
-Frankincense Vitality. Apply a drop underneath your tongue. Do this daily for overall vitality, but it can also reduce the occurrence of head tension. 
Other products that you may find helpful for head tension: 
-Deep Relief Roll-On. This is another amazing blend of oils that you can apply in the same areas as Peppermint or Panaway. 
-Valor. Sometimes our head tension is actually created from our body being out of alignment. Use Valor down your spine daily to help support the alignment of your body. 
Our bodies are all compromised differently. It may take a few tries of different oils until you find the one that works for you! 


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