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Oiled Up!

You know you OIL UP before you put your mask on. 

Do they? 

What a great way to share your tools!

Stress Less Challenge

Get ready to share one of your tools for walking through busy seasons!


You are using the tools---- and here's a great way to open up that conversation that may change someone's life...

Oil in the house of the wise

Take the Bible verse and wear it!    

Oiled Up and Ready to Go! 

Take the Bible verse and wear it!    

Oil Up, You're worth it!

Cozy up and share your story! 

Say it again.... essential oils!

Every drop is essential to your day.  

Just Diffuse it!

Soooooo thankful for diffusing.   Share it out!


Grace and Ease

Learning to walk with grace and ease is a process.   Remind yourself 

Easy and Light

Choosing easy and light as you 'do' today.   

I Re-member, Re-mind

Re means to do again and stay.   
A wonderful reminder as you go through your day.

I Choose to shine my light

What if you shined today-- and didn't allow anyone to dim your light? 

I Choose thankful

The very best view.... we call it 
Your adjusted view
All year round...