The Environmental Working Groupa non-profit organization focused on the environment and public health, lists the safety information of common household products you use to clean your home. These products contain ingredients like carcinogens, asthma instigators, and poisons! Yikes! Many of the generic cleaners contain phthalates which interfere with hormones and are known carcinogens. 

The answer is simple.   Thieves Household Cleaner has NO Phthalates. Instead, it contains two different sulfates that are derived from coconut oil and sugar. These all-natural and safe sulfates are considered surfactants, which means the Thieves Cleaner sticks to the surface, grabs the oil, and then washes it away easily with water. 

It can be used on many different surfaces: counters, bathrooms, floors, toys, clothes, carpet, mirrors, windows, and more. Spot check a small area before you use your Thieves Cleaner on a new surface.

This cleaner is also incredibly cost effective. It is highly concentrated so you only need about a capful for every 2-3 cups of water! With this ratio, one small bottle will yield you about 29 16-oz spray bottles of safe, all-purpose cleaner... at just under $1 per spray bottle! 

You will find that supporting your health saves you money with YL.     You literally replace every thing under your counter with one bottle.  

I say it all the time #onecleanerwholehousenotkidding

It’s the truth!!!

Here are 12 ideas to get you going:

-Put it undiluted into a roll-on and make a stain stick for your clothing with no chemicals

-Pour it onto spots on your carpeting (undiluted) and get rid of stains

-Let it sit on pots and pans with burnt food stuck to the bottom of them

-Put a cap of it in a spray bottle and use it as a surface cleaner for your kitchen, bathroom counters, sinks, your stove, or your bathtub

-Add some to a bucket of hot water and mop your floors with it 

-Put a little Thieves Cleaner in some baking soda and make your own soft scrub without any harsh chemicals that you can use in your oven

-Refresh a musty carpet by putting Thieves oil in some baking soda, let it absorb, and then sprinkle it over your carpets

-After washing your clothes with Thieves laundry soap, add four to five drops to a dry washcloth and toss it in the dryer to make your clothes smell fresh

-Put one drop of Thieves on anything sticky. Put one drop of Thieves on anything stuck to an object or a kid (or any sticky residue you don’t want), and wipe it off

-Clean your dishwasher by running an empty cycle with Thieves Household Cleaner

-Add a drop to the cardboard insert of your toilet paper rolls to have Thieves freshness in your bathroom

-Thieves is some of the best glass cleaner replacement I’ve ever seen. Spray it right on your windows to take gunk off. It’s also great for detailing cars and cleaning the dashboard. 

There is no yuck in Thieves; just plants and plant-based materials. 

You can literally replace everything under your counter with one bottle.