When you start with your Young Living starter kit, there are certain goals that you have in mind. Even if it's just because you want to start feeling empowered to make changes and choose natural options, there's a product from Young Living that can help you get there.
When you have the products from the Premium Starter Kit, you may see or feel changes immediately. For some, it's a longer process.
And in order to really get the most out of your membership and commitment to your goal, we ask that you give yourself at least 3 months on Essential Rewards.
You didn’t get this way overnight.   
It may take a bit to shovel out.  
Getting this Premium Starter Kit was a big step for you.   
Let your starter kit be just that - a start. 
And use your membership to make reasonable and lasting changes to your lifestyle.
Keep reading to find out how!

Open it up! 

You made a huge investment in your health and we want to make sure you get every penny out of it.

  • The product guide that comes with your starter kit is loaded with great tips and tricks. Pull it out and take a peek!
  • Do you have your copy of The Essentials yet? It's a book that was written specifically for our team, and all of Young Living uses it as a way to help you use and love your oils and YL products for the optimal lifestyle!
  • Make sure to open and use your oils! They won't do any good sitting on a shelf.

Accessing Your Account

The Virtual Office (you can call it VO for short!) is where all the magic happens.
  • You set the login and password when you purchased your kit, along with a 4 digit PIN number.
  • If you can’t remember that information, call Member Services (1-800-371-3515) to help! If you do remember it, make sure to mark it down in the front cover of The Essentials.
  • Check out this super short video that walks you through the basics of your account.
Setting Goals
The first thing is to select your goals for your membership. Why did you decide to invest in your health in the first place?
Overwhelmed and feel like you're checking all of them? 
Pick 3 of these.
A "monthly wellness box” program 

· 50 PV minimum (basically $50 of products plus shipping and tax)

· You pick and choose any products for your box, based on your goals.

· Spend more, earn more (points and free products)

· Earn 10-25% back in points

· Spend those points whenever you choose

· Cancel anytime (just spend your points first)

· Additional savings on shipping

Even More Savings
Every month Young Living rolls out their monthly promotions (aka FREEBIES) that you get for placing a qualifying order.

Loyalty Gifts
That's right, did your jaw drop yet? You not only earn product credit in your account to use like cash, monthly free promos, but you ALSO earn loyalty gifts. You'll get a free gift from Young Living when you are on Essential Rewards for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months! It's usually a free oil. You will soon discover YL just keeps getting better!

ER Exclusive Kits
Want even more bang for your buck? Of course you do! 
As a way to bless their loyal customers, Young Living has pieced together Essential Rewards (ER) Kits that can only be purchased through ER! 
Not only do you get 24% off retail and points from purchases, but you get additional savings on ER bundles of goodness! 
The list of bundles is impressive!! 

You do NOT have to purchase an Essential Rewards kit, ever, unless you want the products that come in them. 
For example, the NingXia Red Essential Rewards kit is the absolute cheapest way to purchase NingXia Red, but you can still purchase them in bottles or packets.
Thieves Essential Rewards $115   ($144 Wholesale Value )
Save $29 PLUS earn ER points on the kit! 
The Thieves ER kit (item #3697) is a FANTASTIC way to rid your home of toxic cleaners! 
Enjoy all of these natural home solutions and oral care with safe, natural ingredients! 
This kit is the best bang for your buck when you’re getting all of those toxins out of your home!
·       Thieves essential oil blend, 15 ml
·       Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste, 4 oz.
·       Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 oz. (2 bottles)
·       Thieves Mouthwash, 8 oz.
·       Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 8 oz. (2 bottles)
·       Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 1 oz. (2 bottles)
·       Thieves Spray, 1 oz.

NingXia Red Essential Rewards  $187.00   ($211.50 Wholesale Value)
Save $30 PLUS earn ER points on the kit! 
If you are ready to support your mind and body and enrich your life with essential oil-infused, nutrient-rich NingXia Red, 
GET THIS KIT (item#4893) 
and save $30 over already discounted wholesale pricing! 
This ER kit is on our order every.single.month!!! 
For us it is fuel. 
·       NingXia Red, 750 ml (4 pack)
·       NingXia Red Singles, 2 oz. (30 pack)

 Everyday Oils Essential Rewards Kit $129
·       Earn 10-25% back on this 129 PV kit! 
The Everyday Oils Essential Rewards Kit (item #4731) is a great way to restock your oil cabinet! 
With ten 5ml bottles of the most popular Young Living essential oils and blends, 
this kit is perfect when it seems like you are running out of all of your favorite oils at once. 
The six Aroma-glide fitments included could easily turn a number of these 5 ml bottles 
into on-the-go roller bottles for your bag, purse or backpack! 
I love splitting this kit up for gifts (did you see all of the gift ideas?).
·       5 mL Singles (Frankincense, Lemon Vitality, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint Vitality)
·       5 mL Blends (Joy, Purification, PanAway, Thieves Vitality, Stress Away)
·       a 6 pack of Aroma Glide Roller Fitments

New Month - New Order
You’re probably wondering, “Do I have to order the same things every single month?”
No 😊 That’s what makes Essential Rewards like Christmas every month! 
You can change what you order every. single. month. 
The only “minimum” you have to reach is 50 PV. There are NO other requirements at all! This is a fantastic way to build your oil supply and try new oils and products.
It is super-easy to change your orders each month. 
Simply log in to Virtual Office, click on Essential Rewards in the left-hand corner, click the little “Edit” button, the “Add Products” tab, and the “Add Products” or “Remove Products” button to get your cart just like you want it. 
When you are finished, click the “Save Essential Rewards” button at the bottom.
For a video to show you how to change your order, click ---

Make a Plan

It's time to revisit those needs from earlier and make a plan!
Here are my tips:
1.     Determine what area of your life/health you want to work on.
2.     Pull out your handy dandy resource books (we recommend the Essential Oil Desk Reference by Life Science Publishers) and look up what’s bugging you in the ‘Personal Usage’ section.
3.     Make your list of oils and products that will support your health goals.
4.     Search (use the search feature) our Facebook groups for testimonies or head on over to www.oil-testimonials.com
5.     Determine your budget! You have big goals here! Investing in your health now can save you loads of money down the road when you will wish you would have invested in your health!
6.     Prioritize! Which oils, products and/or supplements do you want to try this month? What about next month? Your third month on ER? Need help figuring out what you need for your health goals? Remember, we are here for you as your leaders and educators! Just talk to us or your Sponsor/Enroller!
7.     Commit. Commit to your health. You did get to the place where you’re at overnight, and you’re probably not going to reach your goal sporadically dabbing some oils here and there. This is a lifestyle and your body needs some time (sometimes) to feel its best.
8.     Place your ER order! You have a plan for your first 3 months on ER now!
Need some help? That's what we are here for! We can help you map out your orders based on your budget and goals. You just have to ask.  

Transfer Buying
Transfer Buying is the term used to describe using your Young Living membership and purchases for things that you would otherwise get at other retailers.
We aren't asking you to spend beyond your budget. 
We are helping you actually SAVE more!   
This is what we call “Transfer Buying,” because you’re not spending more money — you’re just spending money in a different place, and on things that are so much healthier for your family!

We are helping you to maximize your budget and quality of life while empowering you to feel physically, emotionally, and mentally great!
·       Ships to your house
·       High quality
·       Concentrated (so one bottle lasts a long time)
·       Ingredients you can trust
·       Points for future spending (this is so fun!)
Here's something that Diamond leader Nicole Perez has said about when she first learned about essential oils:
"We were poor!!! Dirt poor. Here’s the deal, where there’s a will there’s a way and when I learned about the power of essential oils and essential oil infused products - I decided to MAKE A WAY! 
I dug deep and realized how many incredible products Young Living has, and how much of what I buy already (toothpaste, laundry soap, bar soap, body wash, vitamins, etc) I could just STOP buying at natural grocery stores or Target and buy from Young Living instead!"
You are going to love this.