Life is tough and budgeting can be even harder! Especially when we know how important organic food is, products without synthetics, and holistic methods of self care!

But what if we don't have to give up our values? What if we can use clean products and be thrifty at the same time? The fact that YL offers me this PLUS a huge convenience in shipping directly to me as often as I like, allows me to not only to save money but time too. And to me, time is also money! 

I want to make sure you know all about  the YL Wellness Box, loyalty points, & Free Gifts With Purchases.  Because these customer features have saved me thousands, plus shopping this way keeps me from roaming the isles of my local store grabbing home, beauty & wellness items on impulse that I don’t even really need or want. I can't be the only one that happens to...

And frankly, by selecting what I want to order for my home & wellness needs in advance, in an intentional way, helps me to stay true & committed to myself, which has become really important to me in life. I’m worth planning for, prioritizing & budgeting for- especially when I’m being savvy! 

Here’s what I do to save a ton of money on home, beauty & wellness products for my entire household. 

I mostly buy consumable essentials from YL. Things like home & body products that I would otherwise be purchasing from a big box store, who doesn’t give me huge points & perks back. 

Points = freeeeeee product. Free as in free, plain and simple. 

Points accumulate FAST through Young Living. Most big box places give 1%-5% back in points. Young Living first gives 24% off on qualifying orders, then an additional 10%-25% back through Subscribe to Save orders. 

To get mega points back, I build my box on mostly household staples (again, this isn’t spending extra money, it’s just shopping at YL instead of other places). I first add in wellness products, then nutrition needs next, and essential oils are added in if/when needed…

Two Pro Tips I live by: 

→ Staying committed to my healthy lifestyle through quality products + being in my YL community, helps keep me healthy & out of the doctors office! I’ll save the co-pay, thank you very much! 

→ I really try to use what I buy & buy what I use. Again, this helps keep me healthy, but it also helps me to not overspend, impulse buy, and to just be resourceful.

Shopping at places with point systems is the best, especially when you get to pick your own full-size freebies. I hate it when a place gives me a dime-sized sample as a “gift”. LOL. 

Remember, when it comes to YL, the freebies you get to purchase with points are the specific things you already wanted, so this can help your budget out tons. I have friends who’ve saved up their points over a few months & then splurged on an entire Kids Care collection or on a complete skin care + makeup collection for themselves. 

So "splurge" on that face cream or get an extra couple bottles of NingXia! You've earned it with your points... literally!

This is just an example of an easy guide to your wellness box (Subscribe to Save). Think of these packages as simple swaps that you'll definitely need, to match any budget. If the example is too pricey for your taste/needs, just reduce. 

The numbers aren't exact, but they will get you to each monthly Free Gift with Purchase level (and a little over what you need)!

It's actually really simple to get products added to your Subscribe to Save monthly orders and make changes. 

Please reach out if you want me to walk you through any of this or to help you customize an order for yourself!