One of the best things to do when you grab your YL Starter Kit is to start using ALL of your new essential oils in a variety of ways. That may sound obvious to some, but it's often easy to find one or two that you love the smell of and not worry about finding uses for the others right away!

The Top 5 Ways to use your oils and start to incorporate them into a new routine is to 
diffuse your oils morning, noon, and night, 
to use your Vitality essential oils for wellness & targeted support, 
to apply balancing oils to your feet at night, 
to add oils into your skin care routine 
& to cleanse your home with essential oils.

When it comes to using essential oils for wellness, diffusing oils such as Frankincense and Raven or consuming Vitality oils, like Peppermint, Thieves or Lemon Vitality is a great place to start!

Emotional Support

If you're every feeling uninspired to use your essential oils, to pursue wellness or other personal goals, or are just dealing with an emotional funk, grab your essential oils for emotional support. 
Keep them near & get familiar with them! 
Essential oils support our emotions in a variety of powerful ways.

•They stimulate our brain
•Uplift or shift our mood
•Help to bring a sense of calm to the overwhelm
•Can help to bring rest to a worried mind

When in doubt, always diffuse your essential oils! I would love to share with you a few tips why diffusing your essential oils is a powerful therapy.

Diffusing your oils disperses the healing molecules into the air, helps to create an energetic shift in your environment, and is a benefits to both your physical and emotional body. That's a lot of results for a tiny little diffuser!

Diffusing is a great choice for while you sleep at night, so that you'll stay near the diffuser & get benefits for 8+ hours (ideally!) straight. It's also great to diffuse during the day, especially during busy times like first thing in the morning while preparing for the day or in the evening, once you've returned home or are preparing an evening meal.

What has been your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend to diffuse? I'd love to hear about it in our chat group!


Inside and Out
When it comes to immunity, I think about things mostly in two ways...
Creating strength & immunity from the INSIDE out. Building immunity doesn’t happen overnight- consistency in healthy choices is key. Wherever you're at on this journey of wellness- I encourage you to stick with it and celebrate the progress you have made so far!
Also, I think about my environment. 
This can be a game changer & I'm going to share with you some tips below.
A healthy immune is something to cultivate over a lifetime. I wish it was as easy as a “once and done” or “Just take a pill” and you’ve got a good immune system- but it’s not. 
But that is actually a GOOD thing- because we have the opportunity daily to build a strong immune system with the choices we make every single day.  
If we have a less-than-ideal day, we always get the chance to begin again tomorrow. This is empowering! And we have a ton of control & influence over the state of our health and wellness.

All any of us can do is our best & to make progress to grow. You are doing the best first thing by considering for yourself what you need to do & learning about some tools that can help you. We celebrate every step around here!
Here are a few of the Top YL Supplements for Immune Support I've identified as ones to keep well stocked in my home: Ningxia Red, Life 9, Inner Defense, & Super C.

Some air pollution we cannot control, but a lot of it we can! The most common culprits we can control are things like candles, plug-ins, air fresheners, and chemicals that might be sprayed around your home or office. These daily products cause stress to our bodies. We have to work that much harder to process & detoxify from these stressors, which takes energy and resources from our bodies in order to do so.

Beyond diffusing essential oils into the air, creating a protected and clean environment is important for staying healthy.
Young Living provides the best of quality, non toxic home & body products that we know do an outstanding job getting things clean-clean. All without the negative effects of synthetic & harsh chemicals.