Who would've known that something as simple as Lemon would be so powerful? Young Living's Lemon Essential Oil is one that you must always have in your wellness backpack. YL Lemon is cold pressed from the lemon rind. Therefore, it is not from the acidic, pulpy, juicy inside of the fruit, and is much easier on your teeth and stomach than regular lemon juice is. It contains 68% limonene, a powerful compound offering a variety of health benefits that can be extracted from the peels of citrus fruits. (Look up limonene when you get a chance, it's incredible what it can do for the human body! Email me back and ask for info that will get you started!)


Lemon and Lemon Vitality essential oil is very versatile, and has a very wide range of things it can do to support the body.
Inside the bottles is the same oil--- only the labels are different to comply with the FDA regulations.
Here is a small list of things it is famous for:
-Uplifting to the mind and body
-Supports and cleanses healthy skin
-Promotes clear skin
-Supports the nervous system
-Can clean off sticky residue (you’ve got to try this!)
-Detoxifying for the body when taken internally
-Supports the immune system
-Promotes healthy bathroom visits
-Supports the digestive system
-Supports overall wellness
-Promotes creative thoughts and clarity
-Can enhance the flavor of food or drink
...and the list can go on and on!


With Lemon Essential Oil, you can apply this topically on the skin, as well as diffuse it and inhale it directly. With Lemon Vitality Essential Oil, taking this one internally is a great idea - put it in a capsule, in your food or drinks, or under your tongue.
We love to drink Lemon Vitality essential oil in my water every day, but ONLY drink in glass or stainless steel containers!
Lemon is built to purify.  Because Lemon is so powerful, the constituents will eat through any petrochemicals such as plastic or styrofoam, so remember glass or stainless.  

Now - I know what some of you might be thinking - "well, if it eats through plastic and styrofoam, what's that doing to my stomach lining?" Never fear, it doesn't hurt your stomach lining at all, nor anything internally for that matter. We don't want petrochemicals in our body - and when we take Lemon Vitality internally, it helps get rid of those nasty chemicals that otherwise would be stored in our body and fat, and it supports our stomachs and internal organs. Basically, it supports the good and targets the bad.

How many drops should you take internally? That's totally up to you and your taste preference. We like 2-3 drops in our water. However, if we are needing some immune support, we will fill up an entire empty vegetable capsule with drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil, swallow, and drink plenty of water following it.

When cooking with Lemon Vitality, one drop is equivalent to a teaspoon of regular lemon juice.

When I'm needing any emotional support, or want to uplift my mind or mood, we diffuse or inhale Lemon essential oil directly from the bottle. Anything involving mental or emotional health, our favorite way to use Lemon is by inhaling the essential oil's fragrance, so that the essential oil molecules make a direct pathway to my brain and seat of emotions.
If you're new to Lemon Vitality, start by drinking a drop or two in your glass of water, or by adding a couple drops to your Ningxia Red in the morning. You will love the benefits!

PRECAUTION : Lemon, like other citrus essential oils, is photosensitive, meaning it will attract UV rays from sun exposure. If applied on the skin, wait 24 hours before you are outside for a long period of time. Basically, just don't put Lemon on your shoulders, put on a tank top, and go to a park for the day.