Before we dive into specifics, let's talk about usage and safety.  SAFETY FIRST

When using pure essential oils, always carry a carrier oil with you. 

A carrier oil is fatty oil, that has large molecules so it slows absorption of the essential oil.
A carrier oil doesn’t make them “less strong,” anymore than wearing sunglasses makes solar rays less bright.
It filters the intensity, making the oil more palatable for small people.
The tiny essential oil molecule has to ping pong between large and small to get in.

If your skin turns red, don’t panic.
Just apply a carrier like olive or coconut oil on top of the oil.  
I never know how my body will respond from one day to the next. It doesn’t mean the oil is making you sick, it just means it’s doing what it was designed to do—going after stuff.

Do not put them in your eyes or ears.
Start slow and go up from there!

It happens to everyone:  you apply peppermint or thieves and then go to the bathroom and wipe yourself or itch your eye.   NO worries!   Just apply some coconut oil, and the hot feeling will erase.    
Having a carrier oil nearby is a great idea for this reason.  

The solid-colored labels have aromatic and topical directions on them. The labels that are white are from the vitality line and have dietary instructions on the labels.
The only difference is the label, same oil inside the bottle.  


There are three ways to use Essential Oils:

Topically - Apply to your skin. They are quickly absorbed and effective.

Aromatically - Use in the diffuser, inhale from diffuser jewelry, or put it on your hands.

Essential oils can extract toxins from many things, including plastic-- but not medical grade plastic.  Young Living diffusers are medical grade plastic, whereas most other companies don't.   This is huge because you can be assured you are not diffusing toxins by choosing a YL diffuser with YL oils!  

Internally  - Young Living oils in the vitality line are safe to ingest.

Safety tips: always dilute on kids, don’t place oils in sensitive places like the eye or in the ear, and don’t use photosensitive oils (Lemon, Citrus Fresh, and Stress Away are photosensitive in your Starter Kit) and go in the sun for hours.  If you have to be out, put those oils on skin that will be covered by clothing.
The hot oils in the starter kit are Peppermint, Thieves,  and Pan Away. I always put a little on my hand first to see how it responds.
Here are some practical uses of your starter kit  click here