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A full night of restful sleep was foreign to Dave as 2 hours seemed ‘normal’ for him. Owning and operating his own construction business with a large family, he was used to pushing through on low energy and vitality. He was surrounded by toxins and chemicals in his work, and became aware that the mask he was wearing wasn’t protecting him long term.

Terry was looking for ways to reduce stress and support emotional balance. Years of worry and juggling family and career was taking its toll. Carrying this stress in her body was causing alarming health issues. She was surrounded by a community that was really good at “worry prayers” and never letting the weight go.

Dave and Terry were led by a friend to Young Living. From the first drop, they knew they had found what they were looking for. These little oil bottles are all around their home now. They have had many people knock on their door after hearing their story.

It has been amazing for the Martineaus to watch so many people discover the difference Young Living Essential oils have brought to their lives. Those in their downline know they mean it when they say “we really do pray over every drop”.

Dave and Terry's mission is to provide a toolbox for life bringing stability and hope, overcoming fears and uncertainties of everyday life. They have learned the amazing power in the combination of Young Living Essential Oils and prayer.

Allow them to come along side you as they insert warmth, coaching and hope as you experience the world of Young Living and take steps toward your God-given wholeness.

Dave and Terry Martineau

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