You are essential 

                Here are few ways I have used to adjust my view

A culture of calm

I recall a kindergarten teacher who spoke in a whisper and had the whole calm class in her hand.

The students all had to quiet the room to hear her speak.   

She had created a culture of calm.   

While the teacher next door had a room full of kids climbing the wall, 

you could feel the calm right outside this teachers room.  

Lean in.   

Gravitate to the calm.   

Never underestimate the power of the pause

Take time to answer text messages, voicemails.  

Take a walk.   

Clear your head.   

When on a call, take time to pause, stop, quiet your voice, and lean in.

Create a sacred space for yourself.

A favorite chair.  Maybe some flowers, a diffuser with essential oils, a 

journal, your Bible.

A place you go every day, where it is safe to process and refuel.  

This appointment is priority to stay afloat.

Remind yourself the truth, even when you don't feel it.  

Eliminate what causes you to be pulled out of peace.

Think through.   What are you allowing in your physical space?

What are you allowing in your emotional space?

What are you allowing in your spiritual space?

To preserve your health and wholeness, you will need to snip something off.  

Whatever is in, will come out when squeezed. 

There is no hiding what you are filling yourself with.   

Be deliberate in filling up with light.   

Focus on the good.  

Constantly remind yourself:  Is this fueling me forward or setting me back?   

      Is this moving me towards my goal or a rabbit trail?


Make sure you are full

Remember the oxygen mask on the airplane?   

They ask you to put it on yourself before your children.   

The same here.   

You cannot pour into anybody else if you are depleted.  

Fill your cup first

and then you will have some to pour out on the world around you.  

It's super important to know that not all essentials oils are created equal…

You just can’t go out to a retail store (or anywhere on the internet) and trust you are getting

 the good stuff.   Great news for you--- I’ve got a source I trust -  want to know more?   

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